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Smart Tools for Non-Profits
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Why i-ngo? Powering and networking your advocacy
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i-ngo has two integrated components
Smart Operations Management
The Hub
Advocacy Search Engine
i-manager makes your vision a reality. Your data is secure. And your work? Efficient!

Come here to...
  • Manage internal operations and workflow.

  • Share and collaborate on project sections with authenticated remote partners and donors.

  • Automatically release selected information in real-time to your website and to open networks on the web.
A wealth of resources at your fingertips — Hub is your advocacy search engine, i-ngo style!

Come here to...
  • Publish public data (research, project pages, user profiles, wikis, vacancies, etc.).

  • Raise funds for your projects.

  • Search for other organizations, projects, publications, experts, events, opportunities...
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i-ngo meets the needs of CSOs: from polling services and wikis, to action and project planning.

Without exaggeration, i-ngo answers the needs of civil society to collaborate, avoid duplication, and establish greater outreach.

—Samer Abdallah
General Coordinator
Nahwa Al-Muwatiniya
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